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Review of DDLS Brisbane and 70-532

Posted by scmay on June 22, 2016

I had the opportunity yesterday to do my Microsoft Azure exam 70-532 at DDLS Brisbane yesterday. To my amazement, I was the only one in the morning slot, which I was very happy about.

The layout of the exam centre was a small one, with only 3 slots available at one point of time.

It was quiet, but occasionally I can hear the lift sounds and towards the end of the exam there was a morning tea session for a training group so it was rather noisy, I would say the walls are too thin.

The PC monitor was rather small, and could be improved by upgrading. The space was sufficient for the exam.

As for the exam, there were 45 questions, one case study with 22 questions, rest were case studies in sets of 4 questions. After each case study you have to confirm and you can’t go back when you move forward to the next case study, which I thought was rather odd. In this sense, you have less time to “think about” and come back to the question.


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jQuery datepicker in MVC partial view

Posted by scmay on May 13, 2016

was trying to render datepicker in a partial view and having lots of trouble

main solution

  • use delegate in the parent page, not the child page (where the controls get generated each time a button is clicked)
  • for some reason my child page had new line break for code clarify, but the /r/n meant my jQuery did not run. Removing those ensured my script ran. Took me so long to figure this out.

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MVC Dynamic generated controls

Posted by scmay on April 22, 2016

Was working on dynamic controls generated upon a click “Add” button

Followed this code Dan V


children is in a partial view. this is the main view .cshtml




remember to add the Helper class HtmlModelBindingHelperExtensions.cs from the above mentioned link. below is the javascript for add and remove buttons


Controller method GetChildren()


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SSW standards on various IT topics

Posted by scmay on May 5, 2015

I accidentally found SSW standards while googling for TFS standard checklist implementation, I’m pretty impressed by the article quality. It has simple understandable with screenshots to guide you along the way.

I’ve heard of SSW from .NET events so I know they are a pretty awesome company.

The generic standards page has articles on various topics, I’m surprised to even see the Google page rank algorithm in their SEO article!
Take a look and let me know what do you think! If you know of other .NET standards implemented by your company, do let me know too!

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Review of Saxons Brisbane for exam certification

Posted by scmay on May 5, 2015

I did two of my exams in Saxons Brisbane recently and am rather happy with their services. Well presented, there are about 6 PCs available in the exam room. If you’re lucky, you can start earlier than your scheduled time if the PCs are not fully booked out. The receptionist in front is friendly and will keep your belongings while you are taking your exam. Restrooms are also very close by. Will definitely recommend this test center to friends.

Cons – not open on weekends for exams

Pro – Multiple PCs available, PCs in reasonably working order (would recommend upgrading their monitors), exam can commence earlier if there are spots.

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Review of Reboot Technologies at Springfield Lakes for Microsoft certification

Posted by scmay on February 12, 2014

I recently took a Microsoft certification at Reboot Technologies and was not impressed with the location.


– No one at reception upon 30mins early arrival.

– PC could not load my record. Started the exam 20mins late from scheduled.

– PC monitor too small. Most of my questions had 3 frames, top, left and right and there was just not enough monitor space to accommodate all.

– PC too slow. The refresh rate was so slow that you could see the flicker each time you click something. That is pretty slow.

– Thin walls. You could hear any conversation going on outside. Not good for exam concentration.


– Ample free parking since it is in a shopping mall.

– The only place in Brisbane that lets you take the exam on a Saturday.

I am going to try another location for my future exams.

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The Quest for Software Requirements by Roxanne Miller

Posted by scmay on September 24, 2013

Link to online library copy. You must be a member of IIBA in order to access this material.


The Quest for Software Requirements
by Roxanne E. Miller
MavenMark Books (c) 2009

Chapter 1 – Requirements in Context

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IIBA – Business Analyst Career Road Map

Posted by scmay on September 9, 2013

IIBA has drew up a business analyst career road map [map1][map2], along with competency skillsets highlighted in their competency model, and you can take an assessment too.

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IIBA Professional Day

Posted by scmay on September 9, 2013

Documented in a simple Word document

BABOK Guide v3 – What impacts will it have on a BA’s career? (Kevin Brennan)

How Do I know What Questions to Ask (Roxanne Miller)

Agile Business Analysis (Kevin Brennan)

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SQL Saturday Brisbane

Posted by scmay on April 28, 2013

1 zettabyte = 1 bil TB

Big Data – Volume, variety, velocity


Hadoop – Pig,  Hive, Sqoop

Introduction to SQL Server 2012 MDS and DQS – Peter Myers

  • Integration services – ETL
  • Master data services – data management
  • Data Quality Services – knowledge drive data cleansing
  • Image
  • versioning is for model, not for row/attribute.
  • can only load from Excel if data is no more than  1,048,576 rows
  • Data quality service – program > data quality client
  • DB must be CLR enabled

Understanding SQL Server Indexing – Greg Low

  • index type: clustered, non-clustered, XML, spatial
  • composite index column order : ColA+ColB is different from ColB+ColA
  • UNIQUE: Country name is unique too!
  • RID/Clustered index lookups are costly.
  • Basic design
  1. candidate keys must be unique, non null
  2. index is created internally. SQL creates index as clustered by default.
  3. TODO: Revisit system database and analyse the indexes.
  • Foreign key: no index is automatically created, causes performance issues
  • Data types – bit: can be indexed, filtered index will give you only the data you need.
  • Data types – GUID: newid() does not make a good clustering key. newsequentialid() – pointless. is the next sequential id unique? nope.
  • Data type – Identity columns: INT or BIGINT?
  • Reasonable Design Strategy
  1. Appropriate clustering strategy
  2. PK declared
  3. Unique constraints declared
  4. FK declared & indexed
  5. Consider expected usage, actual usage.

Agile BI with SQL Server 2012- Mohamed Kabiruddin

Visualising with PowerPivot – Install Hive ODBC Driver. PowerView

GeoFlow for Excel

Programming with Visual Studio > Project type Analysis services tabular

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